Guide: Clementi 448 Food Centre (Singapore)


UPDATED 15-Oct-2022

Clementi 448 Food Centre

Total 52 Stalls // Reviews 23



Not Rated

Kaka Sugar Cane Juice

Not Rated

Sayed Aminah Muslim Food

Not Rated

Abang Nasi Ayam

Not Rated

HJH Hot & Cold Drinks

Not Rated

Siti Laila Muslim Food

Not Rated

Wahad Muslim Satay

Not Rated

24 Drink Stall

Not Rated

DC Sesame Oil Chicken

Not Rated

Xin Ye Mixed Veg Rice & Porridge

Not Rated

Soon Huat Cooked Food

Not Rated

Snow Mount Fresh Fruit Juice

Not Rated

Clementi Goreng Pisang

Not Rated

Lau Phua Chay Roasted Rice

Not Rated

Nasi Lemak Set

Not Rated

Hup Heng Cafe

Not Rated

Yong Fa Hainanese Curry Rice & Curry Fish Head

Not Rated

Heng Heng Sugar Cane & Bean Juice

Not Rated

Clementi Hong Kee Villa Chicken Rice

Not Rated

Zheng Zhi Wen Ji Pig’s Organ Soup

Not Rated

Kian Seng Lor Mee Prawn Mee Laksa

Not Rated

Hello Dessert

Not Rated

Clementi Home Made Pau Dian

Not Rated

Song Fish Soup

Not Rated

Ji Xiang Vegetarian

Not Rated

Kim Chye Huat Drinks Stall


Clementi 448 Food Centre


Guide: Clementi 448 Food Centre (Singapore)


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