Review: Yi Pin Zhou Porridge Pot (Singapore)



Redhill Food Centre Singapore

Yi Pin Zhou Porridge Pot

sells an assortment of porridge. Chee cheong fun and yam cake too. Quite ordinary though.


Pork Porridge

This pork porridge comes with pork slices and minced meatballs topped with chopped spring onions. A raw egg and you tiao is added as extras. The porridge is just fairly smooth and tastes kind of bland. The pork slices are meaty and a bit touch. The minced meatballs are soft and quite flavourful though. The you tiao is toasted but it is still rather soft and chewy. This porridge is just ordinary.

Yam Cake & Chee Cheong Fun

This plate of yam cake and chee cheong fun comes served in a soya sauce and oil seasoning with sweet sauce and chilli added, topped with sesame seeds. The yam cake has a fairly firm texture with bits of yam and mushrooms. The chee cheong fun is fairly smooth. Both are quite ordinary as well but still decent.


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