Review: Ichiran (Fukuoka, Japan)

★★ Excellent!


Hakata Tenjin Fukuoka Japan


is a very famous and popular ramen store originating from Fukuoka. Its tonkotsu ramen tastes absolutely amazing!

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Kamadare Tonkotsu Ramen

From my understanding, the Kamadare Tonkotsu ramen is served in only 2 stores located in Fukuoka. One in Tenjin and the other in Hakata.

The Kamadare Tonkotsu ramen set comes with a serving of ramen, a bowl with chashu, black fungus and seaweed, and an uncracked ajitsuke tamago is served separately.

For the ramen, you can custom it to your liking if you like it extra firm, firm, medium, soft or extra soft. You can also customise the soup, light medium or strong. There are options for richness, garlic, green onion and spicy red sauce. Everything seen above is at their default value with medium flavoured soup, medium noodle texture and mild spicy chilli sauce.

The medium flavoured soup is very flavourful, and the medium texture noodles is firm and springy. The noodles tastes really good with the soup.The chilli sauce is mildly spicy. Personally, I think can do without the chilli sauce and just enjoy its original flavours.

The chashu is of a slightly thicker cut. It is very soft and literally melts in mouth! Tastes really good when soaking in the flavourful ramen broth. As for the ajitsuke tamago, it is soft and flavourful with a very slight hint of savoury. It also has a slightly runny yolk. It is good!

This bowl of Kamadare Tonkotsu ramen tastes absolutely amazing! Highly recommended when you are in Fukuoka.

Order System

Just like most regular japanese food outlets, you order from a vending machine. A ticket is printed out from the machine.

Choose a seat behind the counter and pass the ticket to the staff, and you order is freshly prepared. Bon appetit!


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