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Tenjin Hakata Fukuoja Japan

Tenjin Horumon

serves teppanyaki with selection of meats and innards. Several store locations in Kyushu. Tastes good. Yummy!


Beef Teppanyaki

Tenjin Harumon serves teppanyaki with selection of meats and innards. Seen here is their beef teppanyaki set which comes with beef, bean sprouts, rice, miso soup and a raw egg.

The beef and bean sprouts are cooked on a metal plate in front of you.

The beef and bean sprouts are served on a plate together with a bowl of japanese rice and miso soup.

According to the given instructions, the correct way to eat this is: put the stabs of beef slices on top the the rice. Next, crack the raw egg and filter away the egg whites. Then deposit the raw egg yolk on top the the beef. The end result can be seen above.

The beef is tender and juicy and nicely flavoured. The bean sprouts contains carrot shreds and spring onions. It is crunchy and flavourful. The miso soup contains seaweed and beancurd skin. It has nice miso flavours and doesn’t taste salty at all.

Some seasoning sauces are also provided: japanese soya sauce, japanese pink salt, miso sauce and steak sauce. You can add them to your own liking. The beef tastes really good with both miso sauce and steak sauce. Yummy!


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