Review: Richmond Hotel Tenjin Nishidori (Fukuoka, Japan)

Richmond Hotel Tenjin Nishidori: Double Room

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Richmond Hotel Tenjin Nishidori

is a hotel that is located right in the centre of Tenjin shopping area with plenty of stores and malls. Extremely convenient.

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Richmond Hotel Tenjin Nishidori

Check-in, Please

Richmond Hotel Tenjin Nishidori is located right in the middle of Tenjin shopping area, and a short 3 mins walk away from Tenjin Station. Its location is literally surrounded by malls and shops, and lots of eateries too. The main store of the famous Ichiran Ramen is just aross the road.


The front desk is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel where you can get your check-in done. Next to the front desk is a louging area with some comfy sofas with shelves of reading materials. If you are in a leisurely mood, you can probably chill around here exploring their magazines and books.

Double Room

The double room is slightly larger in size compared with a regular japanese hotel room.

There is a small writing desk in the room. There are just a couple of AC sockets and no USB socket for charging your devices, but daijoubu desu. Pull out the drawer and you can find a USB charger with multiple connectors for various devices. How thoughtful of them!

Adjoining the desk is a small cabinet that is used as a pantry where you can find a mini fridge. Open the cabinet door and the usual coffee, tea bags as well as kettle can be found there.

A double bed sits in the room, and it is interesting to note that both regular pillows and japanese sobawaka pillows are provided. At the headboard is tiny box shelf with an AC socket and a USB socket. You can place your device on the shelf while charging.

The bathroom is also slightly larger in size compared with a regular japanese hotel. As with most japanese bathrooms, it comes with a bathtub and shower.

The regular set of amenities like toothbrush, tooth paste, cotton buds, comb, etc are all provided.

Toiletries from Mikimoto Cosmetics are used here.

A TV hangs on the wall opposite the bed, and an air purifier sits next to the desk.

Check Out, Please

Richmond Hotel Tenjin Nishidori may not be luxurious but it is comfy and its location in Tenjin is excellent. It is literally in the heart of Tenjib where everything is. It is a good choice for staying in Tenjin area.


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Richmond Hotel Tenjin Nishidori


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