Review: il Forno del Mignon (Fukuoka, Japan)



Hakata Fukuoka Japan

il Forno del Mignon

is a hugely popular store specialising in mini croissants. Originally from Fukuoka. With numerous locations in Japan.

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According to their sign, the crossiants are made using wheat flour, yeast, salt, sugar with vegetable oil, eggs and milk. The croissants are still handmade and freshly baked in store.

This plain croissant is crispy and flaky outside, airy inside. It is slightly caramelised outside gicing it a nice faint note of sweet. It is a popular choice with the crowd and it is good!


Just like the plain croissant, the chocolate croissant is crispy and flaky outside, airy inside with a soft chocolate filling giving it nice chocolatey flavours. The chocolate croissant is another crowd favourite. It really good!

Sweet Potato

The sweet potato croissant is an interesting flavour. Similar to the plain croissant, it is crispy, flaky and airy. Contains a sweet potato filling that is soft and sweet. This is a hugely popular choice. Highly recommended!


This almond croissant is crispy outside and chewy inside. It has a mildly sweet taste and a faint tint of almond flavours. As far as I can tell, there isn’t any almond flakes or almond bits. Still a rather decent croissant.


The rice croissant has a firm and chewy texture but it isn’t crispy like the others. It has a slight sweet taste with a hint of rice flavours. It is decent but pales in comparison with the other flavours.


This is another interesting flavour. The mentaiko croissant has a spread of mentaiko baked on the croissant, giving it a slightly savoury taste. Just like the other croissants, it is crispy, flaky and fairly airy.

An interesting note about the store. The croissants are sold by weight (per 100g) instead of per piece. You can order any quantities that you want, it is weighed and charged accordingly.

In my opinion, these mini croissants are a must-try if you are in Fukuoka. They are good!

Apple Pie

According to the sign, this apple pie is made using flour, butter, skimmed milk powder, apple, salt, eggs, cinnamon and sugar.

The apple pie has a flaky crust that is topped with a layer of sugar coating. Its apple filling is soft and crunchy with a sweet taste. It is likeable, though personally I would recommend going for their mini croissants.


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il Forno del Mignon


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