Review: Leng Kee Satay Fried Oyster (Singapore)

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Bukit Timah Food Centre Singapore

Leng Kee Satay Fried Oyster

sells satay and fried oyster omelette. Satay is decent, fried oyster omelette is just average.

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Leng Kee Satay Fried Oyster dishes out satay with the usual choices of meats: chicken, pork and mutton. These are served with a bowl of satay dipping sauce on the side.

The chicken satay has soft and moist meat with a sweet taste that is slightly charred. Likewise for the pork satay, nice sweet flavours, moist and tender meat with a piece of fatty pork and a bit of charring. The mutton satay is sweet, fairly tender meat but it is slightly gamey. I quite like the satay with the slight charring.

As for the satay sauce, it has pineapple puree added which is nice. It isn’t spicy and you can actually taste the pineapple flavours. But this satay sauce is way too watery and it is lacking nuttiness. Would have been much nicer if it is nuttier. The satay sauce is definitely its weakest link.

Fried Oyster Omelette

Besides satay Leng Kee Satay Fried Oyster also sells fried oyster omelette. This fried oyster omelette comes with decent sized oysters that are fairly juicy. Its fried egg with starch mixture is soft and chewy but there is no crispiness to it and the starch portions are too thick. This fried oyster omelette is just average.

Leng Kee also has another stall directly opposite selling BBQ chicken wings.


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