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The CoCo Rice

does nasi lemak a bit differently – blue pea nasi nasi lemak. Yummy!


Nasi Lemak

The CoCo Rice does nasi lemak a bit differently, blue pea rice is used instead of the usual coconut milk and pandan rice. There are several sets available for sale with a small selection of add-ons with the rice. Unfortunately for me, the add-ons are sold out and I get only get their regular rice set. Shown above is their nasi lemak set with fried chicken thigh, fried egg, ikan bilis and peanuts with cucumber slices and sambal chilli served on the side.

Let’s start of with the rice. This blue hued rice gets is colourings from cooking the rice together with the petals of butterfly pea flowers, just like how pandan rice gets its green hue from pandan leaves. This blue pea nasi lemak rice has a nice fragrant smell of coconut milk. It is nicely cooked with nice flavours of blue pea and coconut milk, and isn’t too soft.

The sunny side fried egg is quite normal here. Personally I prefer those with crispy sides. The ikan bilis has the airy kind of crispiness and is crunchy. Likewise for the peanuts, crispy and crunchy. I like the both. As for the sambal chilli, it is spicy with a mild sweet taste. Very nice flavours and mixes really well with the blue pea rice. Remember to request for more sambal, it is really good.

Now for the fried chicken thigh. It has a light airy kind of crispiness on the outside, moist inside and with nice savoury tastes. The chicken skin is simply lovely with its light crispy batter and tastes of seasoning spices. This is definitely a very tasty fried chicken thigh. Full disclosure: I’ve gotten a complimentary piece of fried chicken thigh (with many thanks) as I bought their very last plate of nasi lemak and they had an extra left. I offered to pay for it but they insisted on letting me have it. Truly generous.

All in all, this is a delicious plate of blue pea nasi lemak. Truly enjoyable. Absolutely likeable. Highly recommended.


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