Review: Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami (Fukuoka, Japan)

Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami: Double Bed



Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami

is a no-frills hotel located on a side street about 10 mins walk from Tenjin shopping area. Just average.

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Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami

Check-in, Please

Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami is a no-frills hotel located in a side street about 10 mins walk away from Tenjin shopping area.

The entrance leads to a lobby area. Walk pass the lobby area and you will see a small front desk counter.


On both sides of the hotel entrance are some sofa for lounging around. Further down is where the front desk is located.

On a corner close to the entrance is a newspaper stand with a couple of Japanese newspapers. Oppoaite where the front desk is, is an amenities corner where you can help yourself with whatever amenities you require like toothbrush, tooth paste, etc. Do note that bottled water is not provided in this hotel.

Behind the amenities corner is a single work station with a computer.

Superior Double Room

The superior double room is a little larger than the standard rooms in Japanese chain hotels.

Immediately next to the door is a recessed area where you can hang your clothes. A bottle of fabric cleaner is available if you ever need to refresh your clothes.

Along the walls where the window is, is a long table that acts as a pantry as well as a writing desk. A kettle and mugs are provided. Next to it is an armchair.

On the desk is a row of power sockets and USB sockets. Underneath the desk is a bar fridge and a safe box.

The double bed comes with a pair of Japanese pillows and a pair of regular ones. The bedside table has a phone, lighting controls, power sockets and USB sockets.

The bathroom might be small but it comes with a bathtub with shower.

Comes with toiletries from Orange Rose. A hand and face foam from Orange Rose as well.

In the room is a TV and an air purifier. Do note that the Wi-Fi in this hotel is spotty.

Check Out, Please

This hotel is a no-frills hotel, so I am not exactly expecting much. Its location is not exactly out of the way, but not exactly convenient either. The closest subway station is probably a 7-8 mins walk away, and Tenjin shopping area is about 10 mins walk away. Also, the Wi-Fi in this hotel is spotty.

In my opinion, Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami is just average. There are better options out there at similar price range.


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Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami

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Best Western Plus Fukuoka Tenjin-minami


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