Review: 1A Crispy Puffs (Singapore)

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1A Crispy Puffs

sells an assortment of crispy curry puffs in different flavours. Other light snacks too.

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Curry Chicken Puff

This curry puff contains nicely flavoured curry potato filling with a slice of egg and tiny bits of chicken meat. It is spicy with a small hint of sweet taste. Its crust is crispy and flaky, and not overly thick. It is quite a decent tasting curry puff.

Sardine Puff

This is another traditional filling using sardines instead of curry potato. This sardine puff has chunks of sardine meat with some onion bits. Tastes spicy and a little bit sweet. Same crispy and flaky crust. It is nice.

Chilli Crab Puff

The chilli crab puff has the same outer crispy and flaky crust with a chilli crab flavoured potato filling. Unsure if it contains any crab meat as I can’t taste any. Nice spicy flavours though. Decent.

Otah Puff

The otah puff has nicely flavoured spicy otah filling, fully packed inside its crust. It’s just like eating an otah wrapped in a crispy and flaky crust. This is nice. I like it.

Durian Puff

The durian puff has very nice durian puree filling. Nice snack with intense durian flavours. Definitely likeable to those who likes durians. Recommended.

Yam Puff

The yam puff has nice soft yam filling that has light sweet flavours. Same crispy and flaky crust. It’s a tad oily though. Tastes decent.

Fried Chicken Wing

The fried chicken wing has a nice crispy batter wrapping juicy chicken meat inside. Nice savour flavours. This is quite a nice fried chicken wing.

Spring Roll

This is a vegetarian spring roll that contains nicely flavoured radish and carrot shreds filling a chewy skin. Unfortunately the skin wrapper is soft and is only slightly crispy at its ends. It has nice flavourings, and would have be better if it is crispy too.

Fried Fish Skin

This fried fish skin has the light and airy type of crispiness to it, and tastes good. Very nice to snack on. Recommended.


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