Review: Be! Sandwich (Japan)

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Fukuoka Japan

Be! Sandwich

is a chainstore selling fruit juices and interesting Japanese fruit sando using seasonal fruits. Nice!


Four Fruit Sando

As its name suggested, this sandwich uses four fruits: strawberry, banana, tangerine and kiwi. The strawberry, tangerine and kiwi are all juicy and sweet. The banana is soft and sweet. These are sandwiched with fresh cream in between 2 slices of soft bread. It is nice that you get to try all 4 fruits at one go.

Strawberry Sando

This strawberry sandwich uses sweet and juicy pices of strawberries. These are sandwich with fresh cream in between 2 slices of soft bread. The strawberries used depends on what is in season. This strawberry sando is so lovely.

Shine Muscat Sando

The shine muscat sando has large, sweet and juicy seedless grapes sandwich with fresh cream in between 2 slices of soft bread. Shine muscat is a breed of grapes that is grown in Japan with crisp flesh texture and low acidity. These grapes are used in Japanese winemaking, usually in Yamanashi area. This shine muscat sando is really nicd. It is my personal favourite.

Banana Chocolate Sando

This banana chocolate sando uses slices of soft and sweet banana with some chocolate bits added to its flavoured cream and sandwiched in between 2 slices of soft bread. This one is very likeable too.

Fig In Tea Cream Sando

This sandwich uses juicy figs with a green tea flavoured cream sandwiched in between 2 slices of soft bread. There is a thin layer of green tea spread on one of the bread slices, giving this a nice green tea flavouring. This fig in tea cream sando is quite likeable too.


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Be! Sandwich


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