Review: LR Boulangerie (Singapore)

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Valley Point Singapore

LR Boulangerie

is a French style patisserie cafe serving freshly baked artisanal bread, pastries, coffee and gelato.

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LR Boulangerie is supposed to serve very good croissants. It is mildly crispy outside, quite light and fairly airy inside. Decent flavours too. This is how a decent croissant should be. In Singapore’s context, this is probably considered a pretty good one with its crisp and lightness, compared to the soft and stale croissants commonly found in other bakeries. However, if you allow me to do an unfair comparison with croissants found elsewhere, this is probably considered as just another above average croissant. Within Asia, this is my benchmark for a good croissant.

Ham & Cheese Croissant

This has ham slices, cheese, mustard and salad sandwiched in between of a croissant. The disappointment here is, the croissant has lost its airiness and fluffiness. It is soft and chewy. The sandwich tastes nice though especially with the added mustard. It is just that the croissant is a letdown on this one.

Baked Curry Puff

This is quite a nice adaptation of the usual fried curry puff. It has a nice curry flavour with its curry potato and chicken meat filling. It has a soft crust with a slight crispiness only the top folding parts.

Portuguese Egg Tart

As someone who has lived in Hong Kong for over a dozen years, I don’t exactly consider this a Portuguese egg tart, which originates from Macau (not Portugal) by the way.

Just like the Macanese original, this adaptation has a nice crispy and fluffy crust. However its filling tastes kind of off from the original. Its flavouring is on the light side compared to the richer tastes commonly found in Portuguese egg tarts. It is nothing like the original, but still quite a nice tribute.

Mini Fruit Cake

This mini fruit cake has lots of fresh strawberry slices topped with fresh cream on a soft sponge. Not overly sweet with just the right level of sweetness. Nice!

Red Velvet

This red velvet cake has 2 moist sponge with dollops of fresh cream stacked together. The top layer is topped with blueberries. Just mildly sweet and it is quite likeable.


This has moist layers of sponge with cocoa powder. Although it is not the creamy type that I like, it still tastes decent.

Grape Cake

This is a creamy cake with 3 layers of sponge and 3 layers of cream. Small slices of grapes can be found in each layer of cream. Mild grapes taste, rich egg flavours from the cake sponge and not overly sweet. Nice.

Pistachio Swiss Roll

This swiss roll has a moist egg flavoured sponge, with cream and a little pistachio bits on top. Can’t exactly taste any pistachio flavours. It will be nicer with richer pistachio tastes. Just average.

Chocolate Pecan Tart

This has nice nutty pecan flavours with bits of pecans on its crust. However its chocolate moose is sweet, very sweet. A bit too sweet for my liking, though it is probably good for those with a sweet tooth.

Earl Grey Cream Puff

This cream puff has 2 layers of cream sandwiched in between. There is a fresh cream layer and an earl grey flavoured layer. It is mildly sweet with light earl grey flavours. It will probably taste better if the earl grey flavours are more intense. Still decently likeable though.

Pistachio Raspberry Puff

This pistachio raspberry puff is nice! The pistachio flavoured cream has bits of pistachio nuts, enhancing its nutty flavours. A small blob of pistachio cream with a tiny piece of raspberry and a sliver of chocolate tops this off. I quite like this.

Cheese Cup

This cheese cup is quite nice. Its base is a brunt cheese cake with nice cheese flavours. On top is the cake is a blob of cheese cream topped with a piece of cheese crunch. If you like cheese, you would probably like this.


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